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22 minutes ago, Fer Gregory said:

Jesus.  That shows that SS dont look at the images at all now during QC.  If one can get through with a clear and obvious watermark it means really that nobody is looking at it.


Back to the original topic, you need photos.  LOTS of them, hundreds to start seeing regular sales, thousands for a proper reliable monthly income.

Your descriptions aren't very descriptive.  Too short, vague and lacking in detail.

The main issue i have is you're clearly keyword spamming.  This is against the Shutterstock terms and services and doesnt help you (if someone is looking for a picture of a zebra, they're not going to buy a picture of some rocks even if the search displays them).

Example in your stacked stones photo (1110134747) you have the description "some stacking stones".  Be more descriptive.  Maybe "Several stones stacked on top of each other on a sandy beach with an ocean background" or similar.

But your keywords are clearly spamming and nothing to do with the actual image:

Africa,Animal, Fur, forest, Grass,Herbivore,Kenya,Leaf, mammal,macro,plant, savanna,safari,wilderness.  Thats just outright keyword spamming.  You havent even bothered to put in the USEFUL keywords such as stacking,stones,stacked,beach,ocean and so on so nobody is going to find that image even if they are looking for it but you'll have a ton of pissed off buyers looking for a safari animal and finding a rock who definitely wont buy.

You really should read this:-


and then really pay close attention to this:- 



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No it is not just post and wait.

First, You need to develope a portfolio that has depth, breadth, quality and appeal

Depth...you will need lots of photos—about 95% of your photos will never sell.

Breadth...you will need many topics and you should focus on things you know

Quality...the photos must have quality in the shoot and post production...if you dont you will be making the customer do the work and they will purchase a similar image with higher quality...remember there ar 100s of millions of images on this site and there are others

Appeal...you need to build your eye so that image of a widget tells story and your story is more interesting than others.  An image of something just sitting there does not tell a story.

Second, you need to consider who is purchasing the pictures so you can create the appeal.  Typical stock buyers: digital media; Bloggers; social media (think facebook ads or other); corporate presentations; website build out; marketing material; more...  

Realize who doesn’t purchase—cat lovers, flower fans...basically personal social media shots dont sell much

Your portfolio—some quality story images but the topics are too narrow to see where you are going.  I can see the eye picture being a seller but there are lots of those.  The street picture is nice but could be adjusted for use a bit.  The food images and coffe are nice quality but sort of dark for most of the uses I mentioned.  Bright and vibrant tends to sell more than dark.  Also the types of food are blended so harder to use.  Food shots is a very very very crowded market...if someone needs a general food picture hard to sell.  I have sold some individual still shots such as bowls of a specific fruit. 

Brighter and more vibrant would be my suggestion...remember you are just trying to sell great picture you need to sell pictures people want to buy and marketing needs more color and variety’s...too dark right now.

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