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It's not my intent to be overly critical but based upon the images in your portfolio there is a lot of room for improvement.  First of all, you have a lot of images that should have been considered "similar".  Three shots of any one subject should be sufficient in most cases.  Secondly, you need to concentrate on images that have potential commercial value.   A plastic cup or banana has little value to someone attempting to sell or promote a product, place or idea which is most often the purpose of stock photography. 

The majority of your images are under exposed, especially those taken outside in natural light.  You need to study you camera manual so that you can adjust the exposure when needed.  Shooting on "Auto" will seldom give you proper exposure in anything other than perfect lighting conditions.  I would also suggest you study photography basic, like exposure, composition and depth of field.  When properly applied, your photos will be much more competitive.

Take a realistic look at the competition here at Shutterstock.  If your images aren't as good, you will have little chance to make anything more than pocket change.  If you're willing to do the work, your images will improve, without it, I would suggest a different hobby.   Good Luck.        

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