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All pictures rejected for the same reason! Non-english??

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Today I got some pictures reviewed and they are allvrejected because :

"Title: Title must be descriptive and relevant to the subject matter and must be in English. Titles cannot contain special characters, spelling/grammar errors, or repeat words/phrases in excess."


These are the titles:

1) Many antennas located over the roofs of houses in Pozzallo, Sicily, Italy

2) Seafront esplanade after the rain in the city of Pozzallo, a city in the south of Sicily, Italy

3) Seafront esplanade of the city of Pozzallo, a city in the south of Sicily, Italy

4) Silhuette of the wooden bridge located in front of Cabrera Tower in Pozzallo, Sicily, Italy

5) Detail of the Church of Saint Mary of Portosalvo located in Pozzallo, Sicily, Italy.

6) National Monument Cabrera Tower located in the seafront of the city of Pozzallo, Sicily, Italy 


I'm just guessing, or they have a problem with a city named Pozzallo?

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Hi there,

I am new, I have gotten my photo being rejected becasue of non english text.
The issue is I had given the translation in the decription box (title box) and explaining what the chinese text means. It still get rejected.

Can anyone help to advise me? Thanks

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Yeah... the reviewers themselves seem to not be native English speakers... get that rejection too... 

Despite the crap being uploaded these days, I cant get almost anything uploaded on the first try this year due to ridiculous rejections. 

- I had a TON of rejections or wanting a model release on cartoon illustrations I did on my iPad. 
- As well as rejections for out of focus.. LOL... I used a 'paint brush' so of course the edges between colors were not smooth... not a crispy clean vector. DOH!! 
- Patent infringement on an illustration of a ship from the 1860's... 
- told to remove the word 'vector' when it is not in the keywords or description etc. 

And so on.... 

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1 minute ago, Awana JF said:

well Pozzallo is not english... sometimes they dont like when I put a name of a city, detail, country... Remove Italy and try again and see...

When submitting editorial you need the names and places, and the accepted name that is used in English is fine for this.

The problem is the reviewers... consistent and always changing rejection reasons... yet same thing gets accepted if you submit it enough times... because there is nothing wrong. 

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14 hours ago, Luisa Puccini said:

It's ridiculous, but try to be more specific: Pozzallo, Italian name of a town, located in Sicily, Italy

Yep... sam with Tokyo in Japan... Bangkok in Thailand... the name of the country(protectorate) is Guam! etc etc etc etc.... ridiculous. 

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