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Metadata contains potentially objectionable or offensive language.

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Hello everybody, got things to ask,

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"Metadata contains potentially objectionable or offensive language."

Description : KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA / APRIL 15, 2020 - Joint-Taskforce commencing sanitation in rural area of Kuala Lumpur due to worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

Keywords : 19, 2019-ncov, background, banner, biohazard, china virus, concept, contagious, corona, corona-virus, coronavirus, covid, covid-19, covid19, danger, dangerous, disease, epidemic, fever, flu, global, hazard, health, human, illness, infected, infection, infectious, influenza, kuala lumpur, malaysia, medical, medicine, microbiology, ncov, outbreak, pandemic, pneumonia, protection, quarantine, respiratory, sanitation, sanitize, sanitizer, sars, science, virology, virus, warning, who

Which words, are potentially objectionable or offensive language?

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