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Shutterstock launches a new footage subscription product

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Do we have an opt-out on these INCREDIBLY profitable 3$/clip subs ? Or just stop uploading here and go somewhere else ? Thanks ! L.E. Since miss Kate is not interested in answering today, he

Today we launched new footage subscription plans to serve the growing demand of Shutterstock customers who require continuous access to high quality footage for their content needs. You can learn more

Yes, an opt-out option please.

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On 4/15/2020 at 5:35 PM, Steve Strasser said:


Opt in?

I've just completed my first batch and finished my first csv metadata sheet. Today, 15th of april I was about to upload my very first footage on SS. Now I read this ... How SS treats its established contributors in turning this paltform into a bazar. In these difficult times, as some pointed out. I hope this petty price dumping does not contaminate other agencies. I am hesitating uploading my work on SS. I have 250 4k files. What would you suggest? Should I forget about SS?

Pond 5

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9 minutes ago, RoJo Images said:

Pond 5

Dear RoJo,

If you respect your work and effort, please upload anywhere else, where you will receive more appreciation in return. You do not have to crawl after SS, and that is what it will lead to if you upload here. I have tried to opt back in for a week, and it was just sad. My sales elsewhere has began to pick up after I left SS, it took just a bit time, 3-4 weeks. 

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On 4/15/2020 at 1:29 PM, David Moreno Hernandez said:

Thanks for letting us know in the forum. I am trying to understand why would SS launch this subscription plan. Before, costumers who required continuous access to footages would have to pay much more for each content depending on the format. Now you are giving away 10 clips each month in any format for 139 €/month. Pardon my expression but I think you might be shooting yourself in the foot. An opt-out option would be nice.

GREED. Even the older % was low. WE create products for them to sell and they make $$$ https://www1.salary.com/SHUTTERSTOCK-INC-Executive-Salaries.html

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I un-licensed my video portfolio and moved all my editorial video clips to Pond5 exclusive account to get 60% royalty instead of getting $2.95 royalty for a 4k clip on Shutterstock video subscription.  My sales at Pond5 jumped about 50% in September and October.  Some buyers directly contacted me via Pond5 because they couldn't find my clips on Shutterstock.  I feel no need to get back in to Shutterstock now.

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