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Shutterstock launches a new footage subscription product

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So I got my video subscription sales today. An incredibly profitable earning of $3.04 for a clip related to COVID-19.

I risk my health and life, not to mention my family members, to go out and take video of a crowded place, come back home, take hours to render everything in PRORES 422, and upload it to SS on a 5Mbps internet connection, just to get $3.04 out of it.

Thank you for screwing us, Shutterstock. 

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Do we have an opt-out on these INCREDIBLY profitable 3$/clip subs ? Or just stop uploading here and go somewhere else ? Thanks ! L.E. Since miss Kate is not interested in answering today, he

Today we launched new footage subscription plans to serve the growing demand of Shutterstock customers who require continuous access to high quality footage for their content needs. You can learn more

Yes, an opt-out option please.

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Hello everyone,

I was bought a video camera that shot 4K on last October and i was going make quality videos for stock.Yes,expensive one,When i start this job three years ago,i wasn't use a glasses but now i am wearing almost 3 number glasses! (2.70) I had read all the comments one by one and thank you all so much.I will review my decision about clips and i love my eyes!!!

Best wishes to all from Antalya of Turkey


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On 4/16/2020 at 3:06 PM, AlphaNature said:

I read some forums and was surprised by the opinions about authors from Asian countries. I myself am from Azerbaijan. There is an opinion that we are satisfied with any miserable price. Everything in the world is relative, but not to such an extent. Personally, I am switching to exclusive on P5. It will take some time: analysis, pricing, removal. But the decision has already been made at our little family council.

You really think that pond5 will do better?

Just give them time they do the same thing in a while, that's crystal clear.

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On 5/9/2020 at 12:03 AM, spacedrone808 said:

You really think that pond5 will do better?

Just give them time they do the same thing in a while, that's crystal clear.

Pond 5 do have a subscription plan of their own but you can choose to opt out of it. They're going to set it up as a separate website with some flashy name but you can choose to have nothing to do with it.

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Dear Kate,

I hope you understand our frustration as contributors when we learn of this change in policy trough a FYI e-mail and forum post. There is no information anywhere on how this will affect our earning potential. Shutterstock has a sizeable profit margin to capitalise on this sort of membership, we as contributors have almost none, and this is due to to the low percentage that we get off every sale. Please remember the content you put on your site is property of the contributors and you should at least consider informing us about this "flash sale" in another way than

Video subscriptions are coming 
to Shutterstock.
Video projects are growing in popularity every day. That’s why customers are demanding more footage, and easier ways of getting it. To help them get what they need, we’ve created a new subscription plan to deliver 10 or 20 clips every month.
If you’d like to learn more about these new plans, visit the pricing page. And to learn what kind of video content will be most in-demand, check out the latest Shot List.
See the Shot List
Thank you,
Shutterstock Contributor Operations

 when it involves that our margins of profit might be reduced to not being worth our time not to talk about our gear.

You will be selling 4K clips (20clips x 179€) for 8,95€ a pop.

I just started contributing a few months ago, right now I have only around 100+ clips and still have thousands of "virgin" clips in my 26TB backups, they might at this point just end up in Vimeo Stock or Pond 5.

My point is, SS has to make this market profitable for us contributors, so then we will be encouraged to let the "agency" take it's big cut of the payment, for promoting and ultimately selling it. That is the deal. Right?

Thank you for your consideration.


Best regards,

Daniel Urrutia

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On 5/8/2020 at 6:33 PM, spacedrone808 said:

You really think that pond5 will do better?

Just give them time they do the same thing in a while, that's crystal clear.

Undoubtedly, all stocks will start lowering prices, but I hope this will not be for exclusive authors. If the cost of the video is less than $ 60, then this subscription will not harm the author and he can hope for more than 20 purchases. My videos are more time consuming and therefore cost is more expensive. The market is gradually eliminating cheap videos from expensive ones. And Shutterstock is betting on cheap goods.

I do not hope that Pond5 will sell more than all stocks taken together, so I will raise the price. If my expensive videos will not be sold at a great price, then there is no demand and my need to change the video or profession. And it’s better to do it sooner rather than later.

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All this outrage will get you exactly nowhere and here is why - 

Throught the first 10 years of this century I lived in Manhattan - the last 10 years back in London UK 

In both places my cost of living, and I am talking pretty much bare essentials such as rents, food, utilities, taxes and the such is arround £3k per calander month just to get by. 

If I want to hire a studio and set in either location I am looking at at least £300 for a day - if I want reasonably experienced models I need to throw in another £100 per model plus lunch.  

So a good days lifestyle shoot will cost me a minimum of £550 - 

NOW HERE's the kicker - 

I have an industry buddy in Hungary, his monthly cost of living is around $400 per month (that's around £300) so he literally needs to earn 10% of what I do just to survive 

October last year I packed up life in the UK and moved 7500 miles to SE Asia (my wife is from here) now my monthly survival costs are less than that of my friend from Hungray. 

It is not now nor will it ever be a level playing field - SS pays out in dollars and cents.   I will use subscription based photo sales for example - If I sell a photo I took whilst living in Manhattan SS will pay me .36 cents comission. 

Now if Mr Singh Jr sells a photo he took whilst living with his parents at the family home just outside Bangaldesh SS will pay him .36 cents. 

Whilst we both get paid the same comission to Mr Singh Jr that .36 cents is some 5 - 10 times more valuable than it is to me (assuming I am still livining in Manhattan or London) 

The majority of the outraged responses I see here seem to be from the western members and I am in agreement that the situation sucks but for our non western contributors the comissions they receive are too important and valuable to pass up. 

It is not a level playing field and nor will it ever be as the inbalance in world economys is far too great - for our friends from Asian countries, African even Russian and South American countries an extra $200 or $300 per month on the family income can mean the difference between getting by and living very well indeed. For those in the west it simply is what it is.

You can continue to strip out and delete your portfolios and whist you do just remember that will not stop nor deter SS from moving forward with their money grabbing plans nor will it stop our comrades in economically poorer geographical locations and situations from ramping up production to fill the void that you guys will leave when you delete your ports.  

I do however wish all of you the best whereever you are and whatever you decide to do moving forward. 

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I was paid $0.60 for a video sale today.  As a direct result of being opted-in to this without my prior consent I'll be disabling my video content sales on Shutterstock and shifting my efforts fully to Pond5 and Adobe Stock.  The fact that there is not an opt-out available for video clip packs tells you all you need to know about Shutterstock's attitude towards it's contributors.  They don't care what you think and they're going to try to strongarm you into it.

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I'm tired of being spit upon by all the different agencies. The only way to put a stop to this is if we band together. As of right now I am creating the Stock Submitters Coalition. It is and will always be free to join. My hope is that we can get enough contributors on board that the companies have to take us seriously when we bring issues to them. The first step is to get an idea of how many people would join such a coalition. I have created a form. If you are interested in putting more control back into the hands of contributors please sign the form. Also share it in every forum and social media outlet you can think of to make its presence known. https://forms.gle/zrq3RswRpYsu6jmq6

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On 4/15/2020 at 3:19 PM, Augustin Lazaroiu said:

Do we have an opt-out on these INCREDIBLY profitable 3$/clip subs ? Or just stop uploading here and go somewhere else ?

Thanks !

L.E. Since miss Kate is not interested in answering today, here’s the solution:

Done, when will this be effectuated? I have heard of sells after changing these settings.

The end for Shutterstock.JPG

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On 5/25/2020 at 10:50 PM, metamorworks said:

Do you understand that there is growing distrust every day?

I don't distrust them.  I fully trust that they will do everything in their power to maximize their profits while keeping us onboard, even while diminishing our returns.

They are completely trustworthy to do right by them and wrong by us.  

You have a vote.  Vote "No" between now and June 1st.


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On 5/26/2020 at 6:25 PM, aluxum said:

Unless the new subs increase downloads by x100 it will no longer be worth to submit content here. Sad but predictable. Welcome to Corporation Predatory World 3.0

Since SS reported an increase of revenue of 1% year over year last quarter and an increase of assets of 27%  you can do the math whether you will experience a 100x increase.

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Kate has like 48 pictures and like 8 videos Im pretty sure she wont be affected by the 50 percent earning decrease she's trying to implement on all of us. Time to get Adobe polished and I will certainly be opting out on my videos come 31 may 2020 and also be removing my picture on 1st January 2021 :) thanks been a pleasure working with you adios!  

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