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Ive just finished watching a strange horror movie on Netflix called "In The Tall Grass." It's based on a Stephen King novel. I noticed in the credits that there was some stock footage from Shutterstock in there. I was actually wondering which bits in the film were stock footage. Then it dawned on me that it was likely the wildlife footage. There's a shot of a bunch of crows flying together in the air as well as closeups of insects and a frog. It would be great if any contributors here watch the film and recognise their footage (very slim chance I know.) 


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15 minutes ago, Sari ONeal said:

LOL Patrick! :D


We quit Netflix a few years back, anyway, so I couldn't watch it if I wanted to :P

Besides, I don't do horror movies! 😮

No horror movies for me either. The Exorcist was the last one I saw at the time (47 years ago) and I still have nightmares!

I do watch Netflix though, but mainly nature stuff and documentaries.

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33 minutes ago, Sari ONeal said:

All right, Ruuudeeh, put your tough guy shirt on and classify this movie as "nature", watch it, and tell me if they had any of my bugs in there :P

I don't have a "Tough guy" shirt. Can I borrow yours? You must have one. After all, you have Hank. :)


25 minutes ago, Patrick Cooper said:

That sounds like a good challenge!

Yes, for you. Not for me. I am trying to survive this whole thing right now and I don't want to push my luck.............



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22 minutes ago, Sari ONeal said:

Ruudeeeh, yeah, I have a feeling that Hank doesn't know anything about it :P


Luckily, he loves everyone equally. Except for Bob, he doesn't like Bob....

Bob doesn't know how to paint horses. That's probably why. You can't paint Hank with a 2 inch brush and liquid white

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