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50 downloads at once from the same location

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Congratulations!  Someone really likes your style and technique and I can see why.  You have a very imaginative and extremely well executed portfolio. 

Other than your unique portfolio I can't explain the 50 downloads from one buyer.  I don't think You'll find many that have had a similar experience.  Every few days I'll have someone from the same location download 2 or 3 images which I find very flattering but never 50.  

Keep up the good work, it's obvious your portfolio stands way above the competition.

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33 minutes ago, geogif said:

Because of the number .... I did not think about this. But all were Editorials, suitable for calendars?

Don't remember reading they were editorials, but if so, the answer would be I don't think so.

I just looked at Photoschmidt's portfolio and figured his work is so beautiful, who wouldn't want that on a postcard or calendar? Hence my thought of those kind of companies

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On 3/7/2020 at 10:02 PM, photoschmidt said:


a couple of days ago I had 50 sales in row. All of them from the same location. The images contain various topics and aren't connected whatsoever.

It seems a bit odd. Has anybody experienced something similar before?

That is great and yes I have had this but it was a long time ago back in Dec 2017 when someone bought 70 odd in one hit, I was very curious and wondered what they were for and they were local to my location.

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6 hours ago, Robsonphoto said:

My record is more than 70 images from the same location (I think Uk) in less than 10 minutes.

Wow and I thought 3 was good! 😎

I'd always be afraid of something fishy going on, if someone downloaded 50 or 70 of mine. Too many one of a kind and the others are industry and subject specific.


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Good to hear that some of you had similar sales.

As @HodagMedia said it I'm a bit concerned that someone bought all these images to do something fishy. Like selling them on stock websites as there own creations. There are always posts of people finding their work on fraudulent portfolios.

I'll post an update here if I should find something.

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