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On 2/28/2020 at 9:46 AM, HershamBoy said:

Just had this reject as it Visible Trademark, would this be the boat names are the unreadable shop name in the background?

Could I get away with this if I edit out the names etc?

Opinions and comments welcome.

You can either try submitting as editorial, or as you say, clone out the shop names and boat brands then submit commercial.

I think you could get away with leaving the individual names people gave their boats (SILVER SALLY etc), but that would depend on the reviewer, if it were me I'd just blur out shop names and edit any visible characters on the boats at all to be safe.


Just wondering, how long did those peoples boats get stuck until the tide came back in?

Seems like an odd place for a harbor :)

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Each of the boats has an ID number on them and possibly a name visible. you'd have to clone them all off or as Tim mentioned, just submit as an editorial shot. It's probably got more commercial value as an editorial image anyway with the location etc. Be sure to follow the correct format for submitting editorial images.

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