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Hi everybody...


I've enjoyed practicing Photography on and off for about 20 years now.

I started out shooting on Ilford HP5s with an old Pentax SLR that was handed down to me.

I'm in the process of uploading some of my shots but only at around 19 so far.

Once I upload more and find the right section for it, I do plan to post requesting some constructive criticism on my images.

I'm not one to take offense to critiques so don't be gentle. :)

Anyway nice to 'meet' you all.




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9 hours ago, Sheila Fitzgerald said:

Hi Tim and welcome. It's good that you don't want critiques to be gentle because I've never seen that creature here :) If you log out and log back in, your portfolio will show up as a link under your name as well.

Oh Thanks muchly, I was googling around trying to find out how to link my Portfolio to no avail, cheers.

Yeah I got over being upset at criticism way back.

Doing an HND in college, first day they handed us some HP5 film and an SLR, had us go out to shoot whatever we wanted, studio or on location.

Day Two, once we had processed and developed our best shot, they were all put up on a wall.

Every one of us had to comment on each other while the student stands at the front of class by his shot, we were all fairly tame to each other though.

Then the 2 (professional photographer) tutors stood up and critiqued them one by one...

They ripped us all a new one that day, it was probably the most productive advice I've ever had, but damn, some students cried.


TLDR: Nothing wrong with smashing someone to pieces, as long as you give them instructions on how to put themselves back together after :)

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