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Emily is right, SS don't care whether you submit photos taken in your home country, or while on holiday or abroad for any other reason.
They do have restrictions on some places, but that applies to anybody from anywhere. You can check restrictions lists for more info. 
Individual countries have different laws on photography, you need to check the country in question to make sure you are not doing anything illegal. 
Individual places may also have restrictions on selling photos take there.
Just repeating what Studio 2 said really.

Anything you submit to an agency for the purpose of selling is considered work, I don't think that changes were ever you are. It will be considered an income and should be treated as such.


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I am sure.  It's not work in any significant legal sense (e.g. being prohibited in your country of residence, nationality or elsewhere) -- as mentioned above you need to declare the income because SS declares paying it to you.  I started taking stock when I was on a student Visa and not allowed to work.  I did stock and took pictures in many countries, and declared my tax.  It's fine.

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