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Awana JF

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As a new member of this community, I wonder how popular black and white photos can be. I love the artistic effect it gives an image but I really wonder how many black and white photos people actually sell on SS. So I'm going to start with this photo that I just sold today (uploaded a week ago).


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2 minutes ago, Studio 2 said:

Gorgeous. Love it. So arty. You may want to add 'Valentine's' to the keywords..

This is a ‘golden oldy’ and one of the first images I took with the Macro lens experimenting with bokeh and shiny things 😁

Sold to England, by the way 😉

I could have sworn I added Valentine’s to the keywords, or added it later..🤔 I wonder if SS removes keywords ? Or maybe the database did not save it properly when I added it afterwards ? In any case, will try again ! Thanks 🙏

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