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Now showing! Videos in your download map!

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We've updated your contributor dashboard to show a slightly different view of the download map. Key changes are:


  • Map now displays your recent video downloads as well as image downloads!
  • 20 most recent downloads will display regardless of type (could be 18 videos and 2 images, for example)
  • Rather than clutter the map with 20 thumbnails, we'll show each download location as a dot (for images) or a triangle (for videos). Hover your mouse (or tap for tablets) over the dot or triangle to see a thumbnail and more details below
  • Map now has a companion list view that shows a list of your 20 most recent downloads


(We've noticed that some cities seem to be floating in the ocean, and we're working on fixing the accuracy of the display!)



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3 minutes ago, RnDmS said:

Nice improvement, thank you.

Please note that dot display on the map is wrong (seems to be offset to the right)


Yes, exactly. Some places are in the wrong continent and others are floating oddly in the ocean. Oops!

We'll get that ironed out soon. Thanks for your patience!

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1 hour ago, Kate Shutterstock said:

Agree that this is something we need to add. I'll keep it on the list for 2020!

Hi Kate, The update is awesome, thank you. I wanted to draw your attention to another issue if I may. Lately, your system seems to be alphabetizing the keywords after saving and when submitting. Your SAME ARTIST panel that is visible on a image page uses the 1st keyword in the metadata to select the images shown from the artist portfolio. In the case I show attached - "Agriculture" is 1st keyword, so images of agriculture are pulled from my catalog. I had set "Cannabis" as my first keyword to show all my Cannabis images - which is far more accurate. Your system is making the buyer experience less helpful, and is possibly killing our sales. Please stop your system from automatically alphabetizing our metadata. Thanks :)

Screenshot 2019-12-12 20.38.03.png

Screenshot 2019-12-12 20.38.03.png

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43 minutes ago, Sunshine Seeds said:

Please stop your system from automatically alphabetizing our metadata. Thanks :)

Hi Sunshine! We've been doing this for quite a while now. By default the keywords are alphabetized, but as customers download your image based on keyword searches (check your https://submit.shutterstock.com/earnings/top-performers), the most popular keywords get moved to the top of the list.

Your example is a great illustration of when this isn't optimal for customers looking to find more related content. Thanks for all the detail. I'll forward this to the team that is responsible for these pages!

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Good luck with our new Contributor page ... However, because only popular products are available on our Profile pages, it is a disadvantage that our new products are not listed. Because every time we look at our profile, we will have the same popular products. A sort filter is needed as before. Or you will only be able to see our new products in detail.

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