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Show your actual mood by one photo in your portfolio :)

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14 minutes ago, Studio 2 said:

Don't do it! Your port is too valuable to leave behind ...

Do not worry.

The net never forgets.

My port will live forever and bring Cent for Cent for Cent .......

But seriously it is interesting question.

Nobody knows my password. And sales can keep on, even when dead. 
Can my children keep the money?

Do they have to inform SS ?

or what?

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3 minutes ago, Studio 2 said:

She would probably need to contact Sstock directly and send appropriate documents etc. It is food for thought. 

Hi Debbie, had just edited to say she only needs access to my PayPal account but that also gives food for thought as fonds aren't automatically transfered from PayPal to a bank account.

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Just now, Studio 2 said:

It's a difficult subject. I found out the other day that my late sister still has a Facebook account 🙁. This is informative 



I do know that a lot of people keep the Facebook account of a deceased loved one open as a sort of remembrance of the person.

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