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Mimma Key

Missing Artwork Property Release - need some help

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So, i tried to upload few of  pictures i've taken, but processed heavily in photoshop to look more like paintings. I submitted them as illustrations, cos they wouldnt pass as photos. they are all rejected for the reason of missing Artwork property releases (An artwork property release is required for this submission but was not provided. Content containing works of art, such as paintings and drawings, require a property release from the artist of the work.). Since only 'artist' here is me personally, i understand i should fill out property release and put my own name as photographer and property owner. My question is, should i also include somehow .raw files or  unedited .jpg files?? Is it good enough to convert raw to jpg and stick it to property release or i should provide smt else, and what?? 

oh, an edit: if .raw file is mandatory, how exactly i submit that?? 

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