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Noticeable impact on sales when not uploading (after what time?)

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Hello colleagues,

I am preparing to move to a new apartment so I will not upload new photos, because there will be no internet connection for some time. I've noticed that here are a lot of users talking about noticeably reducing the number of sales if they're inactive. Can you share your experience, after what time of inactivity is this drop in sales noticeable? 

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After thorough research, I calculated a depreciation of roughly 3.33% monthly / 40% yearly (accumulated) from day zero of no-uploads (13Q +1 day) for an "average portfolio), stabilizing at 90% declines from peak until infinity. However, there are numerous factors at play, including the types of content you're producing. Suffice to say that generally breaking news, technology and fashion have a shorter life-cycle and may depreciate more quickly than other niches. 

Also, keyword rankings and algos running behind the scenes by the agencies that move your content up or down in the search engine for respective searches. 

Source: Brutally Honest Guide to Microstock Photography


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IMO. if you have a number of photos that are located in the top three or four pages of the "Relevant" search (when using the most logical search terms), you shouldn't see much difference in number of downloads, when you take a short break. 

However, if this is not the case, I think you could see a noticeable download decline.  Just my opinion.  Lets hear what others think will happen .

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