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Selling another one's vector graphics on my motion graphic video

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Hello everyone. I am on Shutterstock for 2 years. I sell photos and videos, I earned little and I am happy about it. Nowadays, I would like to create motion graphic videos. I am good at animating, but I am not good at drawing vectors... So, my question is;

Can I buy vector graphics and use them in my motion graphic video?

I would like to subscribe websites like "vecteezy" or "freepik". I want to buy cool graphics, then animate and create completely different content. On those websites, its written that if I subscribe and pay, I can use those graphics for commercial purposes.

I searched everywhere but I could not get any answer for that. 

Please help me about this question.

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The way I understood it, simply buying the vectors will not be sufficient, you would actually need to purchase the copyright of the vector, not just a licence, or you would need a property release that allows you to use it. Yes, such sites allow you to use these graphics for commercial purpose, but I do not think re-selling them (or a different graphic made out of them), falls under that licence agreement.

Freepik for example says in their licence agreement:


The redistribution or the sale totally or partially of the content of the image or of any derivative work.


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