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On macOS, in my opinion Final Cut Pro is light years ahead of either Resolve or Premiere Pro in terms of performance and simplicity. Resolve is better for color correction, and I find the stabilisation in Resolve works better as well, but to me, FCPX's interface is much more intuitive and the performance is way better. In my tests, exporting to ProRes 422 is about 5 times faster in FCPX than in Premiere. When you're exporting lots of clips as you do with stock, this can save a lot of time.


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If you're thinking REALLY simple, $49.95 Wondershare File Converter has a basic trimmer.

I'm a Windows guy and I use Cyberlink Power Director.  It works great.  It's got extensive color-correction tools, warp stabilizer, unlink/video from audio to delete just sound from your clips while preserving the image, most of the features of higher-end editing software, everything you need for prepping your clips for stock, for $79 in its Ultra version (Ultimate is $129).  It handles every import format file type I've thrown at it, MOV, AVCHD, MP4 H.264, etc. with ease and it exports 4K in both 3840 and 4096 resolutions, albeit only in MP4 H.264, which broadcast pros may frown on but other types of customers can still use.

ProRes 4:2:2 seems to be the exclusive dominion of Mac and your camera has to capture in 4:2:2 to get that quality to begin with.

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10 hours ago, jeffde said:

+1 for iMovie. Simple, hilariously well documented and supported, and is included on every Mac. Why wasn’t this the first answer?

If you haven't banned me from the forum I would've said it immidiately ... a great and easy app.

2 hours ago, ribeiroantonio said:

How to save the video clip as mp4?

You just go to archive at the top right and save as 1080p or 4K. What is best is an ongoing discussion.






Skærmbillede 2019-08-07 kl. 11.14.10.png

Skærmbillede 2019-08-07 kl. 11.56.48.png

Skærmbillede 2019-08-07 kl. 11.53.22.png

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Before I got Power Director, I was leaning toward Premiere Pro, but their $20 a month subscription fee ticked me off.  That's $240 a year for the "priveledge" of editing using Premiere Pro!  $240 a year eats up a lot of my stock photography and video profit!

Maybe you can cancel your subscription at any time and the Premiere Pro editing software still works, but you don't get their automatic updates.

In PD I like that you pay $79 for their Ultra version once and that's it, unless you voluntarily elect to upgrade to a later version.  I'm still using the PD 15 that I purchased 3 years ago.  They're probably up to PD 18 now but I see no need to upgrade.

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