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I recently shot some impromptu video of barge traffic on the Mississippi, I was just passing through. A combination of bad stick tuning (wrong profile), and dumb thumbs led to some bad spots in the clips. Truth be told the Big Muddy made me a little nervous too. The panning was not as smooth as it could have been. My question relates to uploading clips here. Is it more benificial to upload longer clips with some minor flaws that could possibly be mitigated in post or overlooked, or to break them up first and try to sell more flaw free shorter clips? I know enough not to post train wreck stick work with the hope someone could pull out a still or two, but where do you draw the line?

Your insights are appreciated.

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Id go for shorter and technically good.

Longer clips with visible flaws are more likely to get failed at QC level before going live.  Also a lot of people buying clips dont want to/cant/dont have time to edit or try to fix stuff.  If they're paying money they want something that works without effort needed on their part.


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