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I whilst my portfolio is still very small (and zero download yet ) , I would like to store my photos in organized way.

I save my photos on my storage drive in the same sets as per my catalog in Shutterstock.

My question is with the regards to the numbers that is allocated by Shutterstock. 

Do you link those numbers to your photos on your own storage drive? 

I was thinking of keeping a database with my photo names and the allocated number.

Any best practices out there?



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I use a lightroom catalogue with a colour code for ones already submitted to stock sites.

They're all stored on my backup drives in the original file name and folders for dates like 20190805 and so on.  Nicely structured.

I used to keep a spreadsheet about which submitted to stock, which site, accepted or rejected etc but that was too much effort for no useful gain so i stopped.


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