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Good morning, everyone, I have a curiosity about the number of photos/downloads. I have a portfolio of about 1800 photos but I sold (some just once, others more than a hundred times) just under 300. According to my data only 16% of the photos I upload are sold. What percentage of the photos I upload are sold to you?


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You've only been here 6 months so your numbers aren't going to be any where near those that have been here 7 to 10 years.  Don't despair.  One look at your portfolio and it's obvious you are a very good photographer, sales will follow and your percentage of sales per the number of images in your portfolio will increase over time as well.

Like Mandritoiu said, "don't do similar", and upload your best work.  I'm not here to argue how to make the most money in stock but I highly endorse Mandritoiu's, Logic if you want to keep your number of images sold/portfolio size up. In addition, I'm of the opinion that uploading only your best work will increase your RPD (return per download) dramatically.  

I can't claim numbers any where near Mandritoiu's but after more than ten years at SS, 67% of my images have sold and last month my RPD was well over $2.00 on Images only.  Admittedly, last month was a bit of an anomaly, but I consistently make far more from ODs, ELs and SO sales each month, than I do from subscription sales.

Keep uploading excellent images (as you have done in the past) and you will do very well here.  Don't get sucked into uploading "everything" on the chance you'll get "lucky".  Why would you want to do all the work of Keywording and uploading something that "you can tell" will have little chance at a sale?  

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