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On 7/24/2019 at 2:13 PM, RexelArtz said:

I would like to know when it started to generate some shutterstock revenue. If you have been consistent in uploading a lot or photos or instead from the second 0 have you already achieved something? Thank you.

It's different for everyone but reading various posts and blogs the general concensus is you will get downloads start to happen when you reach the 500 mark. Some do much better and get downloads at the 200 mark. Some worse. It depends on the quality of your pictures and subject matter. 

Of course the buyers need to find your pictures and that comes down to being great with keywords and titles. So with regard to your photos you have some beautiful shots. The lighthouse is stunning. Slight distortion on the tower but it is a cracking shot. But there is a problem. It is astrophotography. On the mobile version of this site it may not show all your keywords to me ... but astrophotography isn't one of them and it should be. Also it has the words ibiza and carolina. Which is it? So be careful to be accurate with your keywords. But also the title is not as good as it could be. "(Name of lighthouse here) beautifully exposed against the backdrop of an astrophotography sky. Photo exposed to show the vast expanse of space"

Something along those lines. But good advice is enjoy photographing what you enjoy and upload as often as you can. Great keywording. Accurate titles. And know that your photos look really good. I think you'll do really well just keep researching for popular themes.


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My experience has been that this is a lot of work for a little money.

I went crazy uploading images for the first 2 years.  I had to get my port up to 1,700 images before some of them started producing income every week.  Now, at 2,800 images, it's still producing about the same income, under $35 a month on average, mostly from $.33 subscription sales, not including the occasional single & other or video sale, which makes earnings spike up toward $100 a month.  This typically only happens 1, maybe 2 times a year.

I've pretty much abandoned contributing photos at this point in favor of contributing videos, sales of which can pay 20-30 times more than still image sales, when they happen. 

Video or stills, the trick is capturing the kinds of subjects in the kinds of light, composition, focal length, depth of field, that buyers actually want.  It's a guessing game.  I just shoot whatever turns me on, whatever captures my eye and passion. 

I caption and keyword concisely, eliminating unrelated words, and try to use as many words that precisely describe the subject or what it symbolizes, as close to the maximum number of words allowed as possible.

I still want to contribute, out of a desire to alleviate sheer boredom in my main job and do something creative.  I'm not expecting much in the way of sales earnings.  If this buys my groceries or pays one of my smaller bills every couple of months, great--every little bit of residual income that takes the pressure off having to continually work is good.

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