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Which Paypal account type do I need?

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Hello, I have my first cheque. It arrived on the 21st of the month, and now having banked it, the bank says it has to go back to the US to clear which will take another 3 weeks :(


So I want to go with Paypal, but which of the three account types can I use? I want to recieve the payment from SS and have it linked to my credit card, and I want to minimise Paypal fees of course.


Which one do I choose?


From the Paypal signup page:


Choose the Right PayPal Account for You

Personal Account

Ideal if you shop online. Make secure payments on eBay and merchant websites using your credit card, debit card, or bank account.


Premier Account

Perfect for both buying and selling. Make secure payments on eBay and merchant websites. Plus, accept credit card, debit card, and bank account payments for low fees.


Business Account

The right choice for your online business. Accept credit card, debit card and bank account payments for low fees.

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A personal account is all you need to receive money from SS and other stock agencies. Premier accounts let you receive payments from credit cards, which is good if you sell things on eBay. Their disadvantage is that you lose a part of your payment to Paypal's fees on every transaction.


I have a premier account for situations when I want to accept credit cards and a personal account (on a different email address and tied to a different bank account) for my stock payments. This is perfectly fine with Paypal. In fact, they recommend having a second personal account as a way of testing ecommerce solutions.

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heyy how about now i see there are 2 types of accounts "Buy with PayPal" and "Receive payments with PayPal" At first it looks obvious but when you dig deeper in the "Receive payments with PayPal" account it looks like it's more suitable in businesses, not soo much information on the "Buy with PayPal" do you guys have more info?

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