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The New and Improved Keyword Tool is Here!

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We have launched a new version of the Keyword Tool that lives directly on the Submit page. The old version of this tool forced you to navigate away from your content, but the new tool keeps everything in one place. You can use our new tool to either edit your uploaded content, or to copy keywords to paste anywhere outside of Shutterstock, like Lightroom, Bridge, or any other platform or application.

Please take a look at the Portfolio Tools: Keyword Suggestion Tool article to learn more about this useful feature!

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2 hours ago, Sergei Tim said:

Still have to work on usability, but I liked the functionality.
Additional words also need to be able to add + (all together). Sometimes it is easier to remove unnecessary from the entire list.

True. Sometimes. But I noticed most not. Somehow saver to add from the start ;)

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Just received an email announcing that the old tool will go away at some point. For me, the new and old tools work almost identically except for how it affects my workflow. 

I do my keywording in Lightroom long before I upload to any sites. I assume Shutterstock would like to think we are all only uploading here, but I don't think that is the case. Using this tool for all of my images would mean getting the files ready except for keywords, uploading here, using the tool, copying the keywords and pasting them back to my files, then uploading everywhere else. 
Sorry, that doesn't work for me. 
Okay, I was shown the link at https://submit.shutterstock.com/edit which gets you a link to the new tool, which works almost the same. I think I like this one better, although comparing apples to apples, the words were not identical. I'll have to do some testing to see which is more intuitive and accurate. 

Thanks, @Kate Shutterstock for the quick followup.
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