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Shutterstock Has Made Uploading Vectors Easier Than Ever

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25 minutes ago, Eminor b5 said:


I just don’t understand, If not ready, if not better, if not easier, why still needed to implement it?

I think “Easier Than Ever” does not belongs to contributors, but maybe your team.

and It’s not “Easier Than Ever”, It is an additional work to do.


Sad....but true!


+ 1 000 000 

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Here's a great vector from Ecco. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/big-collection-spring-summer-colorful-flowers-1301017918?src=pdxYEDqm-1P8UpFlOpwRWA-1-7 Here's the illustration ins

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How many more "improvements" do you have to do so that the contributors leave and you have only one spam left from the single icons?

What you should just run a survey before making changes?

Who is the manager who showed you the growth of stocks and profits with the introduction of "improvements"? Fire him. Seriously.   Do not be surprised if this is the same manager that offered to change the attribution page.

Anna, do you see this petition? Do you see how many contributors are against? Want more reliable data? Run a poll on the forum, with authorization.

Start a dialogue with us. We are not stupid flock. We are the ones who profit you. It is our work that your customers buy. We work every day on quality improvement. And you put us a stick in the wheel.

Disgusting. Rough. Disrespectful.


Please sign the petition to show SS how many contributors are not agree with their "innovation": https://www.change.org/p/shutterstock-cancel-the-limitation-of-eps-files-to-4-megapixels-on-shutterstock

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13 hours ago, Anna Shutterstock said:

After we launch these changes next week, we all need to continue to work together to find the sweet spot.  I ask that you give it a try… see how it goes. Can your creations be sized to meet these requirements?  And reach out to us with more examples of what isn’t working. 


You should contemplate:

1.migration of your expert contributors to other microstock site and stablish a new powerful colony.

 2.opportunism of your competitors

during the time you find sweet spot!

TIME is expensive for both of us

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What's happen with Jon Oringer? Why do managers, not engineers,  take such stupid decisions?
These "effective managers" made some changes during last 5 years.
NO ONE was usefull for contributors. Every change results more time spending!
Jon, please fire all these "effective managers" and save your money and our time. These managers can show attractive presentations but they are unprofitable and Shutterstock will incur losses

No thanks.


Please sign the petition to show SS how many contributors are not agree with their "innovation": https://www.change.org/p/shutterstock-cancel-the-limitation-of-eps-files-to-4-megapixels-on-shutterstock

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Dear Shutterstok!
Just another example:
Here is one of my pictures. Now it is on the first page for "New Year". The size is 116/61px and it is just 13mb. It can be easily edited by any customer, even on a weak computer.
As an experiment, I increased it to 2000px. Now it is 723mb(!) and is badly edited even on my powerful computer.
The picture includes effects and complex overlays that customer like.

Under the new rules, I will not be able to upload any of my new pictures to Shutterstock.
I am very sorry if it happens, I like Shutterstock, but if there are no changes in the rules, my content willl be unsuitable for Shutterstock because it cannot be adapted to new conditions and I'll have to sell it with another mickrostocks.
So, please, stop your changes.


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OMG, that's awful news for all of us!!! I make my new works now and i don't know how to do it for shutterstock with this new stupid rules!!!So I make it in the old way for other microstocks, may be i should stop my uploadings on shutterstock indefinitely...what we should do???:(
And also I'm really offended by this attitude!!! You don't respect your contributors! You don't give a damn about us!:angry:

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14 hours ago, Anna Shutterstock said:

These new requirements are not set in stone nor permanent. We decided on these numbers as a starting point - with confidence that they will provide high-quality jpeg previews for most cases. At the same time, we are open and willing to make changes to accommodate the types of vectors you want to submit. 

After we launch these changes next week, we all need to continue to work together to find the sweet spot.

It sounds frighteningly. Does this mean that you will continue changing requirements? In a week we will get new ones, then more and more, and each time we will have to change our workflow to meet new requirements? This is not how it works!

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And there was nothing broken. Since there is no option for exclusive content on shutterstock, most of us generate JPG previews for other agencies anyway. And, as already mentioned, complex files on an 2000 px artboard would exceed the 50MB limit, while at the same time  a simple icon is best designed on not much more than a 128 px artboard. So I'd like to ask for what kind of files do you want to make these changes? What are the advantages, if any? I can only see disadvantages, at least for my workflow.

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Bounding upload of vector illustration with Mega-pixels is not a good idea. EPS + JPG works good. I use inkscape on linux and have no idea how it will affect inkscape vector contributors after you roll it out on the date mentioned, and what problems we will face after that 'coz inkscapers had already extra guidelines besides others.

Well, when so much of experienced contributers are saying that it is not a good idea and will make their work uneasy, why not SS rethink about it and stop rolling it out.

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