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Shutterstock Has Made Uploading Vectors Easier Than Ever

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Dear Shutterstock!

Why do you call this "some exciting new updates " when clearly most people don't agree? For us this is a very bad change. I am not going to write all the reasons again, why this is bad, but it is really disappointing that you just do what you want, regardless of what contributors think. At least be honest about it, and say you have made uploading more complicated and time consuming, and nevermind if you have series of images (buyers might follow) from now on, you need to use a totally different dimension.


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Here's a great vector from Ecco. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/big-collection-spring-summer-colorful-flowers-1301017918?src=pdxYEDqm-1P8UpFlOpwRWA-1-7 Here's the illustration ins

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For many years of working with Shutterstock, this is the worst update in the service. The main disadvantages - as I see it:

1. It is inconvenient to key work. I usually do this in Adobe Bridge for the jpg version, and the files are stored on my computer
 with keywords forever. You deprive us of this opportunity.

2. EPS will weigh more, we lose the main advantage of the vector format - the minimum size with maximum quality. This is what the vector was designed for. The file size will become larger, it is not so convenient to store on the computer.

3. Presentable work. Many works require space around objects in terms of composition. This is done for the sake of aesthetics, and not to increase the size of the image.

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6 hours ago, Kate Shutterstock said:

Thanks again for the input everybody.  

When we make these changes next week, keywords and descriptions in the EPS EXIF data will not be imported with your files. However our team is working on this as their next priority. We're working to start importing your metadata with your EPS files in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience.

@Lost Mountain Studio Vectors that are pending review will be reviewed and published without issue. On Monday, when the new 4 mp dimension requirement goes into effect, each EPS file will be checked when you upload it. If your artwork is too small, you'll get an error message on the upload screen (or on the Submit page, if you uploaded via FTP). 

For me, it sounds like "Thank you for speaking out, but our team will continue to break things that worked well so far".

Thanks to us, the authors, Shutterstok earns his millions. Before changing something, maybe it was right to ask the authors about it first?

I think that customers with a poor Internet connection or limited network traffic will not be happy either. Because they will have to download much larger amounts of information due to the increased EPS-files.

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These changes are definitely not making "Uploading Vectors Easier Than Ever" - especially if we can't input keywords properly before upload. My illustrations are fairly simple and I can only imagine how hard it would be for users with complicated artwork to upload under these requirements. I really hope these changes will not take place.

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This is very, very bad news...
Now I can't make high-quality detailed illustrations for 
shutterstock, and for buyers too...
I applied the new rules for some my old illustrations - they turned out to be more than 50 MB...
If you decide to simplify the work of vector illustrators in this way, then as a vector illustrator, I say that this is not a simplification. 

I don't need this simplification.

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This is absolutely unacceptable change. There is a huge problem on Bigstock (which is owned by Shutterstock if i'm not mistaking) with auto exported preview - wrong colors on every 2-3 illustration (despite RGB etc.). Blue falls into green shades, beige into yellow, people look like zombies and bright pictures become dirty brown. Not saying about pixels-noise-glitch export style of anything more complicated than basic flat illustration (I'm writing to their support with question if this ever be fixed three years or even longer and every time i receive reply oh yes we know but we work hard to fix this issue). And not saying about "4MP" and "50Mb" are not going to be together in any other case than, again, basic flat illustration (or another mega pack of shitty garbage quality icons). You wanted synthwave in 2019 Trends - there will be no synthwave that fit 50Mb on 4Mp quality, forget about it. Gold effects, neon signs, metal textures, and literally half of everything we saw in the "wanted by people" article is impossible now, because of irrelevant random change.

Can we see, please, the content that was tested, as administrator wrote earlier? What art was tested exactly? Were there complex mesh Christmas or spring designs that are so loved by clients and Shutterstock self promo team? Or textures? Or anything with more that 15 shapes in it?

If there is a problem to satisfy huge volumes of demand of clients who want to buy big jpegs auto-extracted from eps files (as Shutter already does for a long time) because the heavy vector is packed into small 100x100 artboard and therefore exports with glitches - leave 50Mp limit and make the minimum art sizes 500x500 points in vector file. Or ask to fing the compromise someone who is smarter than the person who suggested these changes (or at least understand the minimal basics of how vector graphic works). Don't squish authors even more to receive more money for yourself, at least leave everything as it was if you don't want to change to real "easier than ever" things. 

I would understand innovative approach of experiments, but this thing is not new and experienced contributors of 5 to 10 years of vector drawing already saw the results on other platforms - they didn't survive as successful microstocks and died. And I'm not even start now about the announcement that was cowardly given three days before switching on pretty major changes and looks like all the ugly things made earlier by other once popular microstocks which eventually lost their contributors, received boycotts and then just died. 

Shutterstock is already not the main money source for major part of stock contributor, with those endless algorithm changes, terrible dashboard redesign that kills any possibility to track and analyse workflow. There are other sites (we all know which ones) who grow fast and already bring more than SS (with its fixed monthly sells and disappearing royalties). The last straw can break very easily, but probably shutterstock really accumulated too much of content already and not interested in new.

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Guys, you say that you've made a research among all of your files and new requirement are suitable for sutable of them of them without exceeding 50MB limit.

But you should made this research for your top selling vectors (this is no more than 20% of your content base)

Most of those files are created using complicated effects and 80% of them wil become larger than 200MB after scaling to 4MP

Glaring disrespect for the authors. I will have to stop working with you. I just can not upload work in the style of realism

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1 hour ago, Oligo22 said:

I don't really worry, I am sure they will change that, since it has no sense. They will realize their mistake.

You have to worry. We all have to worry. Shutterstock has time and time again making new changes that make no sense.

1. They change the color of Contributor App from black to white. (Eyes pain)

2. They change the daily earning statistic to random sort. (Now we can no longer track the performance of our latest uploads)

3. They change the daily earning statistic to multiple tabs. (Now we have to click a few more times to check different type of sales)

4. And many other changes which I don't want to mention especially on the Contributor's page.

If this new "exciting" requirement officially takes into effect, I am sure it will wreck havoc in both contributor and buyer side. Contributor will all suffer and buyer will all confuse and thought the artists have gone crazy by increasing the vector so big and does not match with previous standards.

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Hello! I have a few examples from my portfolio: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-1334446475, after resizing eps = 1,235 Gb, http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-1246466296, after resizing eps = 1,279 Gb.

Best regards to all - its my first post here ! :) BTW more then 10 years on Shutterstock, more then 500 000 DL. Please Shutterstock team dont do these changes!.

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Dear SS,

I appreciate your try to make our work "Easier Than Ever", but its realization hurts me :(.

1. If you want to implement the Jpeg preview auto creation, why don't you first create the soft which can create Jpeg preview from any size of EPS file?

It will let the authors to continue uploading their complex works without any restrictions.

2. And what about keywords? Do you really think that the manually keywords providing can make our lives easier?


I do beg you to think twice before ruining the good-working system. First create the feature to import metadata together with EPS file and leave the opportunity of uploading any size of EPS file. Only this way your update can "Make Uploading Vectors Easier Than Ever".

Best Regards,

Your contributors

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