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Shutterstock Has Made Uploading Vectors Easier Than Ever

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Here's a great vector from Ecco. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/big-collection-spring-summer-colorful-flowers-1301017918?src=pdxYEDqm-1P8UpFlOpwRWA-1-7 Here's the illustration ins

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If you are not interested in making things easier (or at least not harder) for us, think about the effects this will have on the buyers, who will  need to work with very big files. The whole point of vectors is having small filesize (easy to work with) but still scalable.

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First of all, there is no problem with jpg preview for us!

Your team has decided to cure a headache with an ax. Shutterstock solving one problem (and I repeat: this is not a problem at all) by creating a few much bigger problems.

We had no problems with vector files before this «improvement», we created interesting illustrations knowing that there is no limit to our imagination and our skills, but now our hands are tied — we just can’t create highly-detailed illustrations for Shutterstock anymore. Do you understand this simple fact? We can’t create highly-detailed illustrations for Shutterstock anymore.

We will not stop creating highly-detailed illustrations with light effects, realistic meshes and transparency because of your new requirements. Our work is not just about money, it’s also about our personal and professional growth. And if our illustrations will not fit to your new requirements, we just upload them to your competitors who are already right beside you. It’s not a provocation, it’s a simple fact.

With this «improvement» you will start losing your positions and it’s only a matter of time before Adobe Stock and iStock will take leading positions.

P.S. All of these angry comments are not baseless. We all tried to fit our bestsellers to your new requirements, and we see that many of them became more than 50MB. It means that there will no longer be such high-quality illustrations at Shutterstock.

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Once again - there is no demand for this deprovement from contributors who are really making money for you, dear Shutterstock. All top-selling contributors (and many others) has build effective and automated workflow.
If you want to sale JPEG files - make new requirement for a vector's JPEG previews.
I emphasize again - there is no problem with generating JPEGs for authors who are making money for you! And this so called problem never existed.

UPD:There are 700+ contributors who telling that you aren't making any improvement - https://www.change.org/p/shutterstock-cancel-the-limitation-of-eps-files-to-4-megapixels-on-shutterstock

Edited by Oleksii Arseniuk
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Hello. I've made tests of some my top sellers according your new requirements and it was failed, a lot of them had size more than 50 mb. It means I can no longer make realistic vectors and it'll lead to decrease of my earnins. Also, as you know, almost all of your authors contribute with others agencies and have optimized and sustained workflow. Your rapid "innovation" totally destroy this process and instead of provide quality and debugged product you offer something strange and you've announced about it some days before during weekend. It's respectless.
Bye realistic vector artworks and Hello ugly flat icons.

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Many of the illustrators SCALE DOWN their EPS so it is acceptable file (MB) size when you draw something complex.

So this will effect badly on the content quality since you will have to simplify your work a lot with the new rules. 

I do not Approve of this change. There should be a VOTING for contributors on things like this. 

I'm sure that there must be a similar post to what I wrote since it's so obvious

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I support and join the contributors who oppose this update.
Obviously, a very large part of the top works of Shutterstock are made using blend effects, transparency and lights. If you try adapt vector files for this update, they will weigh much more than 50 MB.
Thus, if you accept this update, then (in my opinion) it will mean that the Shutterstock refuses to work of this kind (complex work), which is tantamount to rejecting a large amount of money that the contributors of such works create for the Shutterstock (and it seems to me that it will increase the competitiveness of stocks, who have no such restrictions).
Please explain why this is necessary?
Is it really profitable for the Shutterstock?
For contributors, obviously, this is not profitable.
About JPEG preview.
Do as Adobe Stock, provide the ability to download work in two ways. If it is convenient for the author to upload work with previews, give him this opportunity. If the author wants to download only the vector file - give him this opportunity.
Why leave only one option?
I would be grateful for the answer.

Sorry for bad english.

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Dear Shutterstock Team,

I’m vector illustrator and #Shutterstock contributor since 2014. This job has give to me the opportunity to grow as illustrator, learn different styles of vector graphics and earn money. I’m grateful for you for your microstock and great community of talented and self organized designers on your marketplace!

Your new vector upload requirements of EPS artboard 2000x2000 px is real problem for many of my graphics such as neon light effects, blend and mesh objects, grunge textures with many points.

For example only one neon icon over 200x200 px artboard eps file has 6,6 Mb and it’s copy over 2000x2000 px artboard eps file has 226,33 Mb. It is only one simple example.

I have uploaded many neon illustrations and they are quite popular through buyers according to my sell statistics. With your new requirement I won’t be able to download such and other highly-detailed vector styles as neon, realistic meshes, paper cut files with blend or mesh shadows, grunge textures effect.

Do you want contributors to draw only in line art or flat style?

Also I have no problem with generating JPG preview and I have never heard about this problem from vector contributors. Especially when this causes to such EPS file size restriction.

Dear colleges, if you have such problem with file size as I please sign the petition https://www.change.org/p/shutterstock-cancel-the-limitation-of-eps-files-to-4-megapixels-on-shutterstock and give the monitor printscreen of your real vector examples to Shutterstock. #shutterstockpleasestop

printscreen neon cake.jpg

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What about the compromise?
You start a new upload system. But leave us the opportunity to upload our works by the old way. Just give us a choice.
If eps uploaded with jpg you can use this jpg, how this works now.
If it's just eps without jpg you use new requirements and generate jpg automatically.
And everyone will be happy. You can improve your services, contributors can make content without crashing work process, and people who don't want upload jpg can upload just eps.

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Dear Shutterstock Team!

I am Shutterstock contributor since 2010. I have always been a big fan of your marketplace. It has always inspired me and gave me a lot. My first illustrations were poor and primitive, but with years and experience, I've developed as a graphic illustrator.

And I ask you #shutterstockpleasestop . Please, don't kill our talents, let us develop our art. The most popularly sold illustrations nowadays are VERY complex and extremely beautiful. You wanted to make something "easy" - that is definitely not about increasing EPS to 4mp.

I include my file, which is 109MB when it's 4mp, and just 8.13MB when it's 200px*200px.


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Just stop. Don't mess with the current process. Shutterstock, you should really listen to you contributors. I don't even do complex vectors that often, but I hate it when companies do stuff like this. I use to be exclusive with iStock until they started messing with things back in 2011. These are vector files. They can be resized how ever big the clients need them. No need for this. Please just stop.  

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On 4/5/2019 at 1:34 PM, art_of_sun said:

All I can say is that after this perfect innovation I won't be able to upload any of my complex vector designs to Shutterstock because all of them are bigger than 50Mb with 4Mpix resolution.

- - -

Please sign the petition to show SS how many contributors are not agree with their "innovation": https://www.change.org/p/shutterstock-cancel-the-limitation-of-eps-files-to-4-megapixels-on-shutterstock


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I'm agree with other people. Shutterstock you are killing our works. We will be sell our realistic illustration in other microstocs like a AdobeStock or iStock.

You did it to help us but it looks like you want to kill our stockprofiles. Come back normal rules..and please just stop it. You are lose your customers because they will not want to buy BIG files when they can buy same illustrations in other stocks.

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