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Leonard Whistler

Full moon with Canon 300mm and two 2x extenders.

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This shot of the full moon turned out better than expected due to me using two 2x extenders. It was a last minute decision to take both extenders with me.

  • Canon 5D III
  • Canon 300mm f4 L IS lens
  • Canon extender EF 2x version 1
  • Tamron tele-converter 2x
  • Equivalent to 1200mm f16
  • ISO 500
  • 1/100 second
  • f 32 (2 stops above wide open - f8 > f16 > f32)
  • Image is un-cropped




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4 hours ago, Leonard Whistler said:


  • Canon 5D IV  ??
  • Sigma 150-600mm at 600mm ??
  • Canon extender EF 1.4x or 2x ?? - but at 720p the extender might not be required.

Yes on 1 & 2. No on extender. Having that 1.74x crop on the 5D MkIV really helps for some subjects!  :)

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