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Hallo everybody, could anyone answer me how it is possible to resolve a problem with a wrong link not referring to my footage portfolio but to a general one? I've asked for weeks to resolve this issue, for days and weeks, to a variety of contact and addresses here on SS, but I've received every time not more than a polite answer like 'We'll try to do our best to fix it'. Weeks go by.

I do not know what to do more.

Anyone could help me to understand how can I obtain a solution? I have a footage portfolio but no one can reach it...really sad.

Thanks in advance everybody and all the best too,


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Hey, I have a problem with portfilio too.

10/03 I've uploaded the first photos

12/03 I have passed the verification positively

Today - 18.03 and in my Portfolio there are 0 pictures.


Under my paintings, he writes that within 3 days he appears on the website for sales, and to design my portfolio is empty ... I do not know what to do

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