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Average income per download

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17 hours ago, geogif said:

No, on the contrary. Because SS scores on the only critical parameter.The number that's stored in the PayPal account at the end of the month is highest with SS.

Thats very true and makes much sense i think. You could also help to get the RPI higher to delete all images and keep only the bestseller that made 5000 USD in total. Then you would have 1 image in your port with an RPI of 5000 USD. You would be the total winner :).

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I think, my mistake first was RPI and RPD confusion. RPI in fact rises, if you do not upload any more, but sell some fotos from the PF.  Nice nunber games for a hot sunday evening..... But pretty

Hello, my average income is 0.00 😀 I hope it will change soon 😛

It's a number that is hard to control.  A good photo will be downloaded multiple times. But how many of those downloads will be subs, ODDs, SODs or ELs, we really don't know. All we can do is to

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