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7 hours ago, Barry Barnes said:

How about 'LCV' catagory, all mine could go in there!

Yeah, here's to our own category, no commercial potential. 😄 LCV and my own "CrapStock". Although I try not to waste time uploading them, I seem to have a substantial number in my collection anyhow.

I personally think categories are a waste of time and was happy when they went to one. None would also be an idea. I'd like to see some data from SS (or any agency) on how many buyers use or care, or actually search using category, instead of keywords and concepts? That would be informative. Until then, all the "need" for more or better categories is just opinion and wishful thinking that someone out there actually cares.

Same way I feel about adding blue and sky to my landscape shots. Really, except for colored skies or Sunsets, almost every normal, natural, sky is blue and the keywords are useless and redundant. Do buyers actually search for that? I don't know but I add it every time. :)


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3 hours ago, MaDedee said:


P.S. Some of us earn more on iStock than here.

SS has always been my top selling stock agency, even when I was uploading to both equally.  When IS started issuing 1-cent commissions, that was too much to take.  Not interested in giving my work away, although yesterday I had a $1.50 video sale here.  That was soul-sucking.


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Environment i'd agree with.  Its very useful on AS.  I end up having to use Nature or Industrial on here and its not really ideal in either of those.

Aerial is a possibility as well.

That said, i dont like categories at all (lots of places are axing them).  They do complicate the submission process.

Maybe they can introduce a "stolen from someone else" category given the recent issues on here...

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