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47 minutes ago, Limolida Design Studio said:

@Frank Shutterstock  .. Still issues I am afraid ... old images are showing up again ... new ones stuck in a " we are processing your files " loop ..then they disappear ... reuploading half hour later still suggests they are being processed on the same file -- so can't re-upload ...
Approvals seem stuck too ... 2 got approved easily and then it just stopped --- usually they get approved/declined in one go --- rest sitting there not moving ... and no activity ... GOOD VIBES for you to find a fix 🙂 thanks for letting us know

approval does seem stuck too, certain pictures


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4 hours ago, Frank Shutterstock said:

Hi all!

Thanks for your patience! Our team has put in a fix and you should be able to upload as expected. Please let us know if you see any additional issues.


Also the "Pending Approval" queue says that it gets updated several times a day, however for me over the last couple of weeks it has been updated once a day if that. thx heaps.

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