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Ali Alawartani


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On 2/13/2019 at 9:45 PM, Ali Al-Awartany said:

To add your photo on shutterstock POSTER 2019 like the previous years, send the photo with your name by email to: peeps@3dotsad.com


190214 SS Peeps Poster 001.jpg


We just now sent our profile image for the Shutterstock Peeps for 2019 - "Dave Safley" 

Thanks so much!


Hope to see more Shutterstock Photogs send in their image in soon! 



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20 minutes ago, mandritoiu said:

Please never discuss my portfolio.

I politely invited you to participate in this thread, since you made a significant impact on forum dynamics, lately.

Accepting or refusing an invitation is entirely up to you.

I am well aware of the threads on the forum and I can make my own decisions about when to participate.  You know, a simple apology and promise not to do it again would have been appropriate.  End of conversation.   But that was not your response, was it?  So I will choose when and where to comment about anything I want from now on, including your portfolio when I deem it to be appropriate.  As you say, it is entirely up to me.

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