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Rejected image (Boring, yes I know)

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I had a photograph of a model holding a camera rejected today due to possible infringement of intellectual property etc.

i removed every trace of identifiable markings on the camera to such an extent that it looks very generic (unless cameras are rejectable for that reason). There are thousands of more identifiable images currently on sale.

I am not a new contributor. I'm used to rejection and have learned to not take it personally. It's just frustrating to spend time editing an image to such an extent to have it rejected for the very reasons I've strived to avoid. Unless I am missing something, of course.

No bitterness here, just somewhat mystified.

Views appreciated.


camera hand.jpg

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I've shot many models holding cameras through the years. I Moved around dials and buttons. never a problem. Just taking off the name is childs play. The issue is weather the Maker and designer of this camera can Identify it.I would move on. Been done a Lot My friend.

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