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Thank you Kelly!

As far as a composite goes, maybe. Neither one of the originals was altered or a composite (other than converted into B/W) and they both sell pretty good. Especially the beach one  hangs on quite a few walls

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5 hours ago, D O-P Photography said:

Lovely images. Good to know that B/W sell. I sold one recently and it surprised me. B/W is my favourite. It's what I tend to buy as wall art. I had however been put off uploading by some people suggesting they don't sell well. I suppose they just don't sell as well as those with high colour...

Thank you.

Keep in mind I sell them on art sites like FAA too. Feel free to visit https://rudy-umans.pixels.com/  (shameless plug I know) I have a large collection of B/W there and elsewhere that probably would never sell on microstock.

As far as Microstock goes, this one sells more


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It's a good idea to combine the clouds and the grass

FAA is a bit of a roller coaster but overall very good. I look at FAA as solely a fulfillment center. You still have to do your own marketing etc. I also have a "store" on Amazon

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