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On 2/13/2019 at 6:43 AM, Reimar said:

Just for fun...  I uploaded this image, which was rejected for blown highlights:


Duh!  That was the idea!  I'm supposed to be a glowing alien. (I'm jumping and the flash froze me mid-air)

Oddly, they accepted this one:


The moral of the story is that blown highlights are OK for SS in monochrome images. Go figure.

Of course....in context.

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1 hour ago, Laurin Rinder said:

Of course....in context.

I noticed that too that SS is a bit more "forgiving" with monochromes. and the same photo in mono can pass when a color photo has no chance. that not to say that one shouldn't try to achieve the same quality (or higher) in black and white as in colour! But! I didn't make the "rules". just go along with them. 

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40 minutes ago, Rudy Umans said:

These all sell

monochrome image of a downtown Miami street clock at a few minutes before twelve

Beautiful monochrome image of a cirrus cloud formation over the Florida Everglades. the black and white interpretation brings out the structure of the cloud formation.

Dreamy Black and White landscape in the early morning fog with Slash pine in the Florida Everglades National Park. Filters applied to enhance the effect.

the Florida shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean side right before a major downpour in Black and White

Beautiful scenic beach dunes with Sea Oats (Uniola Paniculata) in Black and White

Beautiful scene of the Florida Everglades Landscape in black and white with a dwarf cypress tree and a tree island or hammock in the background


I only replaced a sky twice in my life and this cloud is added, but people seem to like it.  (me? in hindsight not so much frankly, but it sells)

View of the Miami Skyline with offices and Apartments in black and white


In the summer down here in the Everglades, we get clouds like this all the time and fun to photograph if you can stand the 3 trillion mosquitoes, yellow flies, and other miniature B-52 bombers 



You’re truly the master of clouds!  What wonderful images.

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