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Proposal for a new Shutterstock contributor feature

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On 11/14/2018 at 4:27 PM, Martin Erdniss said:

Hello, i am sorry, i am not able to write such a script, i do it all manually until now. And i have a pretty big portfolio (11.000 +) but i must admit not too many downloads, so i am able to do it manually. And i add a link to the photo at Shutterstock as well, so i can identify which photo was sold at this place.

I wanted to write such script a while ago, but I got stuck at trying to extract the name of the countries from the map in the elements of the web page, I didn't try again after that. Maybe I will continue with it one day and share the results.

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On 11/14/2018 at 4:58 AM, Martin Erdniss said:

P.S.: I forgot to mention that i use the displayed byer locations in the "newest downloads" display to get the locations.

Hi Martin,
Sorry about the dumb question, but where do I find this "displayed buyer locations in the "newest downloads" display" option on the dashboard?
I have looked, but can't see such thing on my menu. Tx. in advance!

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just another "uneducated" question, since we are talking about stats and features, etc. I don't suppose it's available in SS to find out how many times (or if!) a photo was
viewed (not downloaded, because that obviously we find out). the reason I am asking this is that at Getty and Dreamstime they do tell you (on Getty this info may be delayed)
and it obviously helps to decide if I should bother with one particular subject matter or not a single person looked at it for over a year. Tx. if anyone can reflect on this? 

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1 hour ago, Martin Erdniss said:

The map is for my enjoyment, my motivation, my inspiration, my curiosity.

Yeah, the map to me is just good fun. For that "huh." moment, when you wake up and see that for reasons unknown, someone in Abu Dhabi has downloaded your image of a tomato hookworm.

Functionality I want to see on Shutterstock that would actually help me increase my aim and sales would be keywords for video downloads. And for those images purchased after a search in a different language. I have an image that gets fairly frequent downloads, but only in Europe. So I never get any searched keywords for it. I'd love to find out what it is exactly the buyers use it for.

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Hello Laurin,

thank you very much, i feel very flattered to hear this from a professional and experienced photographer like you.

Most of the pictures were at another place (name began with panoram...) before and served for the growing

income of a big company, not for mine...- until the company decided it doesn´t need the pictures from the millions

of the silly free supporters like me anymore and closed the whole project.

I am very glad that the small income from these pictures now helps me in going on with my passion and the

feeling that some byers even spend money on the results is just great. I know that there used to be much more income

here, i just came too late it seems 😉

All the best to you, i enjoy your company and wise posts a lot.




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