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Heide Pinkall

question about alienated photo

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I've just found a very old picture that I created about 21 years ago. This is an extremly alienated photo.

I like to add it to my portfolio and give it a try.

So my questions are:

Has this to be editorial?

I took the reference image by myself and the picture now looks for me as an illustration. But the person upon it is (was) a well know celebrity.

How do I upload it correctly?


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You upload as editorial. They don't require a property release or reference image for celebrity illustrations. 
These types of images are called 'editorial illustrations'.

These links might help you out:




There are threads about  them on the forum too. They allowed celebrity editorial illustrations back in 2015, if you search you should find them if you still need more clarity.

I'd just be aware that reviewers don't seem to know the SS rules for things these days, so you might get a rejection for needing a ref image or something similar. Or they may just presume you used someone else's material as reference. I guess if this happens, you would need to email it to them and wait for a number to include with your submission like you would do for vintage editorial images. 
Good luck! :)


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thank you very much, Linda 🙂

The links are very helpful - and of course your explanation, too. I did not know that it is called "editorial illustration".

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I'd suggest you might want to check  and see if there are any restrictions on using images of him commercially.  Some things, so one would think also people, are heavily restricted. If anyone would be, it would be Michael.

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Glad to help out Heide :)

Good point Perry. I did think I'd have that problem with a painting I'd done of Kylie Minogue, she's known for being really strict on protecting her image, but because it's editorial it wasn't an issue apparently. I asked on the video about her near the end. So I'd guess it's the same for Michael. Of course things change and some editorial stuff can't be used either so, yeh I agree it's worth checking out.

(BTW Kylie's not in my port, she's here not making me any money lol https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-20793720)

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