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Blocked FTP upload

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I'm having long term problems with uploading my images/videos. Everytime I upload larger bulks of files, my FTP access gets blocked for several days.

I tried to use Dropstock.io uploading service and they have exactly the same problem when uploading larger chunks of data do Shutterstock.

The problem appears as a log-in failure despite having correct credentials. After day or two the upload starts working again.

I suspect there are some size or file number limitations that trigger the blocking of the FTP access. My uploads can contain hundreds, sometimes thousands of images and when I upload 4K videos, it can be tens or hundreds of GBs in one upload.

If there are limitations, could you please let me know so that I set up smaller chunks of data to upload accordingly or slow the upload down a bit. It is really frustrating being blocked every time I upload, when I'm doing nothing wrong, just uploading regular images and videos.

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