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Maxal Tamor

Surreal correspondance with Shutterstock debugging department

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Some days ago I have got some simple vector accepted.
Everything is okay, except that the thumbnails in the portfolio appear blurred in Chrome (62% or internet users use Chrome - https://goo.gl/eK3svM ).

So I have contacted Shutterstock to tell about the problem.
I have been very precise, sending the images ID and a screenshot of the portfolio, as I see it.

The first answer was that the ID that I sent were not correct. After a verification I can affirm that they were correct.

Then in the second time they answered that “If images were blurred they want get approved” (I think they meant “won’t get approved”).

Again I sent the screenshot, with this time “Blurred thumbnail” written
The answer arrived:
“As we have checked your account it says that all images are approved as per ShutterStock terms and conditions if you like we could forward your email for a second approval.”

I am speechless……

I have the impression to speak with a wall, a deaf one!!

Maybe @Alex Shutterstock can help?

scr_al_ 2018-09-14 at 14.15.11-b.png

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1 hour ago, Alexander Image said:

Sorry, apparently the problem is the browser, not on SS side. You can not have browsers' problems to blame SS...

You have not to be sorry :)
I was thinking about that too.

But if it was the browser, also other thumbnails should have the same problem… ;) and they have not, I never had this problem before. 

I think that the problem is that the generation of the thumbnails by Shutterstock doesn't correspond to the Chrome specifications. And as Chrome represents 62% of the internet users it is enough problematic.  

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1 hour ago, Alex Shutterstock said:

Hi @Maxal Tamor

Thanks for your post. 

Please send me a PM with the case number so I can look into it.

Sorry about that!!

Alex, after 6 mails I have finally get the answer:

"Hi Alain,
I do apologize for the inconvenience caused.We highly appreciate your response , I have already forwarded the request so my dedicated team will reach back to you soon."

So… wait and see…

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