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22 hours ago, D O-P Photography said:

Ah. That's how it's done. I changed my profile name once. I think it's via the pencil icon by your photo 🤔

Nope, doesn't work. The little pencil just adds a line of text under my name where the default setting says "member". I see no way to change my actual user name back to what it was before the upgrade changed it to my full legal name. I don't mind my name on my photo port, but with trolls on the forums, I'd much rather NOT have that information readily available for everyone on the planet.


Edited to add: I've actually had potential customers contact me directly to try and get permission to use photos without purchasing them. This has happened twice now. 

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So I have to assume that based on your recent string of posts that you are now well within your own new 24K per year threshold for being allowed to speak? Not that you yourself would be subject to any

Sounds like you haven't leaned much about stock photography with your time here.

Bad Idea. If you give Pete the chance to write something, you get "war and peace" in double size.  So better, if he keeps calm. 

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Yes, I've been looking at those pages and nothing changes the actual user name. You can only change the title. Try it yourself. It will only change the word Members under your user name to what ever you type in. I don't know how you got your name to stay the same. Unless you joined after they made the change.

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1 minute ago, Milleflore Images said:



Not very appetizing. Sorry, Geo.

What is "Ew." ?

No it is not appetizing, just documentary. 

But if Debbie cleans it up, puts it in vineager, cooks slowly with low temperature, places it on a nice plate (not blue one, because the fish is blue from the vinegar), 

and garnishes it with different coloured vegetables and some young fresh potatoes....

A delicacy for the palate and the eye. 


I know nothing about blue plates. 

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ok. I just learnt some german today! lol


OK. Blue Plates. Or otherwise called, how to stir up Pete. It started a few years ago on a foodie thread when one of the guys, Barry, posted his breakfast shot on a blue plate and Pete said, the blue plate made it looked very unappetizing and turned him off his food. So, Barry and I deliberately started posting food on blue plates. And it went on and on and on. (Now its become a tradition. lol) Then Pete said, the only thing he had that was blue, was a blue car.

So, we posted this song for him. Pete hates disco/pop music. So one day I posted one hour long disco music video for him. We like stirring up Pete. lol

There's more. Ask him about the elf suit. ("Does this make me look fat" story)


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