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Milla Atkovska

Account hijacked, now my portfolio belongs to someone else

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Welcome to my worst nightmare!

I've been a member of this site since 2006, I have (or, had) a portfolio of 3,824 photos and yesterday I wake up to an email from Shutterstock saying that I've changed most of my info on the site and I should react if this wasn't my doing. Someone changed my phone, email address, payout method and minimum payout amount. Of course, I email support right away and wait eagerly to see if I'm going to be reunited with my portfolio or if it's gone forever. After a while I get a response that my email address doesn't exist in their user base. Well, duh, of course it doesn't, someone just changed it. But my name and photos still exist, so I send them a link to my portfolio, my official site and my facebook, so they can crosscheck and confirm that I am who I say I am. After nearly a day, all I get is some generic security advice copy paste reply and a password reset link. I reset the password and enter a completely empty profile with some of my ancient info from 2006 (Payoneer wasn't even listed as a payout method and that's what I've been using for months). My real account still exists and I still can't access it, what they did is make a new one using some of my old info and I can't even access that one anymore, for reasons I don't even care about.

So far it feels like I'm talking to bots and that no one understands the simple concept of "my account was hacked and I lost everything, please bring it back". I checked the forums and there were a few similar experiences, but it seems they were resolved. I am stuck trying to explain the problem and I'm losing hope. If any admins are reading this, send help!

Adding a link to my portfolio, in case it helps https://www.shutterstock.com/g/anatema81

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Hi @Milla Atkovska Thanks for reporting it and sorry to hear you are going through such experience.

We are investigating this issue at the moment and will get back to you regarding the status of your account.


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