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neslihan ulucan

Uploading has been disabled for my account

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Hi, i am Neslihan Ulucan and i have ''neslihanulucan'' shutterstock contributor account. You sent me an e-mail about warning.

My boyfriend has shutterstock contributor account. One day we went to trip and we took some photos. We always use same usb. So i didn't notice that i submitted same photos with my boyfiend. But exactly those photos are taken by my boyfriend. We have warning e mail and we can't submit any photos.
how can i make it up?

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Sorry to hear of your difficulty...I, too, got one of Shutterstock's email like yours so you are not alone...such events occur when you first start.  Contact their support center and follow their instructions.  And, learn for this mistake so you don't make it again.  Hope this helps. Cheers, Paul

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