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Hello to all fellow Shutterstock contributors!

I've been submitting images to Shutterstock for a couple of years now, here and there and have a small portfolio of 500 or so images.

These earn on a monthly average, about $10-15 or annually, I earn around $0.45 per image / per year on average (this has gone up from an average of $0.40 / per image / per year.

Much of my portfolio is Editorial. I do very little Commercial model-released stock, though around 50% is wildlife and landscape images.

I'm just curious as to how those with larger portfolios and a longer track-record with Shutterstock are doing? Especially those who have a fair bit of Editorial stock in their collection, as it helps me plan how much time I devote to Shutterstock in the future.

To be frank, Shutterstock has a fair volume of sales, but I find that $0.25 and $1.88 licenses don't really supply me with enough money to cover the high cost of producing stock images.

I would also be interested to hear from anyone who is making reasonable returns with a 50/50 editorial/commercial collection similar in subject matter to my own.

Thanks in advance and look forward to reading any replies!

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I have almost 8,000 images on here consisting of roughly 60/40 editorial/commercial 

I don't want to go into details about earnings since this is frowned upon by SS and there's even a clause on the contributor contract to avoid discussing this. But I'll say that my downloads per month vary between 400 and 500.

The first earnings pay rise when we reach $500 is quite substantial, should be a strong motivation and milestone for those starting out. The subsequent milestones are less financially significant 

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