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The generic milestone thread...

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On the heels of an unexpected $70 SOD I have finally crawled over the $10,000 lifetime earnings threshold today. 

I just reached 84,000 DLs and should have 10k photos very, very soon. My first DL was on 12/12/2012. Seventh anniversary coming up.     For those who are interested whether you ca

Some stats for those, who are interested: - More than 10% of the total downloads from 1 image only. - 5 bestsellers (= 0,4% of my port) made 20% of the total downloads. - 20 most sellin

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10 hours ago, Ian_Stewart said:

Finally I have reached 1000 uploads. It’s taken me 16 months and I’m currently averaging around 30 downloads a month. 

Plenty of hard work ahead but I’m pleased to have made it this far.

Thanks also to Alex for all his help. Much appreciated. 

congrats stewart..

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12 minutes ago, Stephen William Robinson said:

I know this is "small beer" to those who have been contributors for eons, but today.. I managed my 10th and 11th download. Only have a small (but growing) portfolio....but have decided to treat myself …. to a small beer. 

Congrats Stephen! I got daily downloads when i hit 700 images so you are not far away. Keep uploading and you will see more earnings!

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2 minutes ago, Seleya said:

Small beans to the veterans but...It's the first time I had more that one sale (two, actually) for two days in a row. I'm stoked.

Congrats Seleya. I hope august will be a good month for you :)

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2 hours ago, Anya Newrcha said:

Two milestones for today:

- I'm with SS for one month :)

- Three weeks in a row with no dls :( I know that travel/wildlife doesn't sell very well, but I had a good start and thought that it's not that bad :)

Having any kind of sales in just one month is a milestone in itself, keep on going!

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I made my very first sale today! I have 68 images and joined 3 weeks ago.  A decade ago photography was a serious passion of mine, but i walked away and haven't really picked up a camera until last Christmas I asked my husband for a DSLR. I used to do only film and the transition to digital has been rough! I thought just the processing was different, but dang even just working my camera feels like a whole new puzzle.  So while trying to figure out what stock photography is all about i am also reteaching myself general photography. I'm not there yet, so even the single sale was a huge surprise (I am a pessimist). It ended up being a camera phone photo I took on vacation right before getting a real camera. I wasn't particularly fond of it, but thought it would be nice to have some variety in my portfolio. I hope my second sale is one I like more ? 

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