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The generic milestone thread...

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Some stats for those, who are interested: - More than 10% of the total downloads from 1 image only. - 5 bestsellers (= 0,4% of my port) made 20% of the total downloads. - 20 most sellin

I just reached 84,000 DLs and should have 10k photos very, very soon. My first DL was on 12/12/2012. Seventh anniversary coming up.     For those who are interested whether you ca

On the heels of an unexpected $70 SOD I have finally crawled over the $10,000 lifetime earnings threshold today. 

Posted Images

Congratulations to you all for your achievements!

Today I reached 35$ in total earnings :) I'm with SS for 11 months and I have so far 350 photos in my profile. I also reached 60 total downloads:

  • most of them are editorial (just 3 commercial photos downloaded 4 times),
  • the best performer by earnings was downloaded just 2 times,
  • the best performer by downloads was downloaded 10 times,
  • subs are 1/3 of all downloads,
  • my best month by earnings was February, but by downloads it was March.

I hope someone will find my stats useful.

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4 hours ago, Chris_M_Rabe said:

Just realised I hit 500 total downloads yesterday.

Also recently passed 5000 images. Mostly wildlife, so I don't earn much :D 


Here's another secret, motorsports doesn't earn much either. 🏆 But I still say, if someone is shooting what they love and enjoying that, it's a success.


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הי, אני חודשיים כאן, והיום היה ההורדה ה -50!
אני שמח מאוד לקוות להשיג תוצאות טובות.
יש לי 72 תמונות בתיק העבודות שלי.

יש לי שאלה - האם יש סיבה שאין לי הורדות לפי דרישה? האם עלי לעשות משהו בשביל זה?

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1 hour ago, Milo J said:

That's a nice number!

Don't leave Annie, we'd miss you!

Yes I had been wondering where Milleflore had been lately, which would be like... what!?!?

^That's because I'm a long(er) time reader of the forums and only just started posting recently so know all the personalities here from over the past year+. :D


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41 minutes ago, vayno said:

10th month 110 sales and $ 34
 Not so well. I don't know what to change

For how long have you had the number of images you have now? It can take a while for images to gain traction.

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