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The generic milestone thread...

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25 minutes ago, PaulSat said:

December started very well. Finally succeeded. It took me one year and 4 months to reach this level. And November was my BME with an average of 9.4 downlowds per day :)


Congratulations on the second tier! And congrats to Heide as well. All the best going forward!

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I just reached 84,000 DLs and should have 10k photos very, very soon. My first DL was on 12/12/2012. Seventh anniversary coming up.     For those who are interested whether you ca

Some stats for those, who are interested: - More than 10% of the total downloads from 1 image only. - 5 bestsellers (= 0,4% of my port) made 20% of the total downloads. - 20 most sellin

Celebrating a milestone today... it's been slow going lately, but a $44 clip sale today got me there. 🙂  

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21 hours ago, geogif said:


The stats are interesting. European contributors made twice as much in 2018 that Asia and USA together. I think that's very amazing!

And we should keep in mind that those 1 Billion US$ include

- videos

- sound clips

- commission for referral

- bigstock

- Offset

- Premium

Another fact which is interesting:

In 2017 they paid 150 Mio

In 2018 it was 159 Mio

In 2019 they paid 145 Mio in 49 weeks. This means 3 Mio per week. Three weeks are left and they won't be among the top-selling weeks. But let's be optimistic and add 9 Mio, then we're at 154 Mio.

We will have 315,000,000 files in the database. In 2017 it were 170,000,000 files. These 54% will have generated 2,5% more money than the almost twice as large database in 2019. Compared to last year we will have decreasing commissions.  In 2018 there were 242,000,000 files in the database. This means that  73,000,000 more images will generate a minus of 5 Mio commissions. This development is no reason to celebrate in my opinion!

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49 minutes ago, Studio 2 said:

I think a 'Grossinger' should become the official 10K measurement. 

What do you mean "should become" ???

It in fact is the official 10K measurement.

51 minutes ago, Studio 2 said:

bratwurst. Please make mine vegetarian

 No Bratwurst, but some tasty vegetables for you. From my beginning at Stock, when I trusted in the wisdom of experts.

I have no idea, why this masterpiece never sold:







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Oh I thought the thread said Geriatric Milestones, and was about old timers like me?

How about this? Image will not be shown...

200  downloads, was uploaded

 11/12/11 There's a senior image for you? 2 downloads a month, roughly.

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