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The generic milestone thread...

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On the heels of an unexpected $70 SOD I have finally crawled over the $10,000 lifetime earnings threshold today. 

I just reached 84,000 DLs and should have 10k photos very, very soon. My first DL was on 12/12/2012. Seventh anniversary coming up.     For those who are interested whether you ca

Some stats for those, who are interested: - More than 10% of the total downloads from 1 image only. - 5 bestsellers (= 0,4% of my port) made 20% of the total downloads. - 20 most sellin

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19 minutes ago, Desiree Fabian said:

What I can say for myself:
This is my 5th week and I am seeing results.
Sure, I cannot compare to others with being here long years already (my congrats, by the way for your choice 12 years ago to join):
BUT:: my content slowly is selling.
Had the best week so far with last week 12downloads and this week selling pictures 4 days in a row (thats a first for me) and 14 downloads, actually without doing any uploads.
So I have 27 downloads in July so far, which is a great personal success for me.

That is awesome, well done! :)

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3 minutes ago, Desiree Fabian said:

Thank you so much!
I know, it´s simply tiny bits compared to others and this is my first attempt on stock at all, so please be patient with me :)

So, we are talking about milestones here, but what are your GOALS?
It is so much more satisfying, to set goals and reach them. Then the milestones come in and just make it better, because you know you are on the right path.

These are my following goals:
1. Get 500 pictures submitted within June (started in mid June)
2. Get 500 pictures submitted within July, this time focus on quality and diversity and not tons of the same kind of pic
3. Create a port with 3000 good and high quality value pics within the year 2018
4. Join 2 more platforms and upload at least 500 pics there in the year 2018

Personal milestones for me:
1. Sell my very first picture on stock --> Reached: What a great feeling!
2. Get to 50 downloads, 100, 500
3. Get my first cashout ;)
4. Get so many cashouts I can actually buy a new camera or at least a new lense

What are yours? :):):)


i'm just happy if i manage to put on a matching pair of socks in the morning

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14 minutes ago, Desiree Fabian said:

Well, that is indeed a challenge sometimes.
--> Don´t wear socks at all!

Move to another country or region, you are not in need of socks, problem solved! ;)

But seriously, we are all here because we are having expectations and goals.
I wanted to try this out to learn and grow. Personally and skill wise. But of course is the money a reward that is nice to have.

Goals are really helping me.So I can only encourage you to have goals or set them finally. It works like magic, if you set them SMART.
In business as in personal life.



Goals... well, at present it's hard to set anything too challenging.  Other things going on in life at the same time.  So for me, uploading to stock is about learning.  I'd like to be able to upload 100 per month, and use that to improve on quality.

1000 uploads in 2018 would be hard to achieve.  But we'll see what happens!

re: uploading to other sites... you could enrol on them, then upload through stocksubmitter, which will submit to all of them at the same time. 

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