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Duncan Andison

$1.50 Video Sale?!?!?!?!

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Easy answer to problem of video clips being sold for 0.60 or $1.50 :
*Sell the BULK of your clips where you feel you get paid fairly for them. Sell FEWER clips or 1 only, to those who pay you unfairly / less $.
*As artists You All have the ability to Influence where clients go to buy clips, never forget that. Its a great power that companies cannot ignore.
Buyers will check around . 
Experiment with above, and a few original rare  test clips over several months to see if results are to your liking.

I'm starting to see positive results since doing above. 
Hope it helps you all. 

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On 4/17/2020 at 12:44 PM, vrx said:

*As artists You All have the ability to Influence where clients go to buy clips, never forget that.

I will be doing exactly that. What's really funny (hilarious, actually) is that Shutterstock inspectors are either getting particularly picky, or have developed a distaste for me.. as just this morning I woke to see that a dozen or so videos were rejected for "quality" issues.  What, they want the highest production value videos so they can turn around and give them away?  Other agencies are happy to take my "crap" quality videos, and, interestingly enough, they are selling in multiples there.  So, as they say, "put your spit where it matters."  Shutterstock is becoming decreasingly important in my list of agencies every day.

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On 2/21/2020 at 5:27 PM, Justin Horrocks said:

All I can say is, wow.  In the past three days, I've "enjoyed" seven downloads with a $1.50 royalty each.  I happen to have a Wix.com account, so I put the process to the test (just as another user had done many months ago).  I was able to download one of my own videos through the Wix/Shutterstock portal for $15.99.  The royalty payout was $3.15, which means I earned a fraction less than 20%.  My earnings for downloads directly from the SS site are roughly 30%.  This begs the question - who is getting the other 10% for the Wix downloads? Wix, for having free access to my content? Shutterstock, for giving away my content for an insult? 

Justin, did you contact SS for this matter? This must be accountable. Everywhere you look on SS site 30% is what they advertise to contributors. 

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Where do you guys sell?

I sell on P5, SS, and Adobe. Used to "sell" on Motion Elements, Storyblocks, Dreamstime but those are gone, very fef sales so i pulled out. Storyblocks was ok at beginning, and it all went away haha.

Adobe Stock is the lowest seller for me, not sure why. SS is good seller, but the increase in 0.60$ sales is making me think twice. P5 is also a good seller.

I am talking about video sales.

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New things did came to light!

For me at least. 

Its not just Wix that produces those 1.50$ and 0.60$ sales.

I was complaining to SS contributor support and they replied. After this i found 90% similar but more detailed answer to one of the contributors (he posted it here on the forum). I'll post SS reply to him first:

This is from 4th February



We’ve identified a new footage market that will help give your clips a new opportunity to be discovered and licensed. Clips of yours that are undiscovered on our website will be tested on new platforms with a limited use license structure. You have been selected among other footage contributors to participate in this new limited license program that will give you opportunities to earn more.

This program is part of a new footage marketplace that reaches an audience of millions who have never bought traditional stock footage before. These customers will have a very limited license to use the footage clips; clips will be licensed for use on a single platform to produce short-form digital content.This limited license is separate and purely incremental to the value your clips can earn on Shutterstock.com under the broader licenses granted from our website. Your content will continue to be available for license on Shutterstock.com.

Shutterstock is partnered with the following companies to launch “Limited License” - Minta, Idomoo, The Motion, and Next Chance

  • Minta and Idomoo are selling footage at $2.00 per asset
  • The Motion and Next Chance are selling at $5.00 per asset

 Payouts are 30% of the sale price, so either $0.60 cents, or $1.50



What i got from SS today is the same reply, but without explanation that it is only undiscovered files that are being offered on this partner platforms. And it is true, it seems that all our files are on sale at these platforms. 
My next question, naturally, was how can i opt out of these partner platform sales? And can i get the links for these partner platforms? 
Answer followed:


4:02 PM (1 hour ago)
to me

Hi Nikola,

Please be informed, for privacy and security purposes we are not permitted to share this information.

While our site functionality does not support the ability to opt-out of this limited license partner program, we believe this is an opportunity to bring the contributors incremental new earnings.

If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime.

So for "privacy and security" reasons i am not allowed to see which files and where my files are being sold?!  Whose privacy and security? Mine? Theirs? SS's?

Im going forward with questions, will post replies.

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SS used to be easy.  Small number of packages, no affiliate nonsense, you could tell exactly what sold, know the prices things would sell for and that was that.

SS really needs to become transparent and at least give a list of all the companies it currently has "partnerships" with and what the royalty to a contributor for each one is.

"Trust us, we're looking out for you" is not a valid response any more.  It needs to be transparent and verifiable.

Its also currently impossible to verify compliance with a license (and therefore impossible to complain if we find a breach).  Its highly likely some people are misusing these extremely cheap licenses.


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Good to  keep answers to problems really simple. After deleting ALL my similar videos that were selling Regularly  for $1.50 here...am now seeing

those SAME animations sell for  $20-40 elsewhere . P5/Adb. I'll continue selling stuff on SS but for animations, videos that require
Extensive / Complex work > no no no.  Been testing this out for several months now and it is working.  If clients / buyers cannot find it here, they look around.  Remeber what  I wrote earlier > You can influence buyers.  I'd like to keep them here but delete my clips repeatedly sold for $1.50.

Simple easy peasy solution. PS I checked out your sites here, amazing stuff everyone ! 

The most valuable assets SS has are .. The Artists = $$. Treat them right.

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