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Dan Sanders

How to add reference Image

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I have looked and looked but can not find the exact technical way to add a reference image to a submission. Can someone please spell out how to do this or direct me to a link that will tell me. Everything I find tells me it has to be done but not how to do it.

Thank you


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Well, info is scattered all over the place, sometimes it is hard to find what you need.


A reference image can be in the form of a photograph, a sketch or drawing and must be uploaded in the Property Release field of the Content editor along with your submission. Please note, it is not necessary to fill out a property release form, just upload the reference image file in the property release field in the Content Editor.


Step by step:

- download a property release from the site

- with an image software insert your reference image on the release

- upload the release when you edit your submission

I hope it works.

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